Serene, color drenched environments.

I describe my work as Eco-Modern Iconography. Extracting from the natural world, I isolate, examine, and elevate small details into the subject matter and statement for my work. Material choices, composition and color theory are given equal weight. The result is a minimal, clean simplicity which deeply resonates.

Inspired by color, I saturate the field with many layers of acrylic paint.  My paintings are on wood, primarily recycled. There is a quiet poetry painting images of trees on wood.

The consistent introduction of three dimensional elements, rough or broken edges, branches and texture are equally important. Capturing and incorporating these objects offers instant access to history, endurance and preservation. These concepts are integral in my work.

I am driven to explore objects and themes that reflect the calm and majesty of our world.

Ever-present, the tree, is our foreground and background. I follow it's line as it leads me through our shared environment, from grasses to mountains, in the moonlight, at the break of day, amongst the fruits and leaves, sharing the sky with the stars and the birds.

The element of a bird, or birds, appear often in my work. For me, the bird(s) are expressions of the most pure somebodys. Reacting and interacting with our natural world. Protected and exposed, alone and in relationship. These simple shapes plunge deeply into our fundamental existence.

My work is purposeful, visually uncomplicated, yet very intentional. I am driven by line, obsessed with the transition of color, and consumed by the honing and refining of my approach to detail. My intention is to find the perfect blend of process and product, yielding works that are instinctively pleasurable.

I am an urban artist.

I was born in New York City, and currently live in Portland, Oregon. Portland is a city with a genuine artistic presence and appreciation. I am constantly awed and inspired by the natural beauty in this State.

I show monthly; on First Thursdays in the Pearl District. I am on the Board of Directors of Urban Art Network.  Get in touch to meet me at my showroom, The Reincarnated Wood Studio, located in North Portland. / / (503) 957-9683

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